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Surface Insensitive Instant Adhesive

Surface Insensitive Series is a quick setting cyanoacrylate adhesive, specially formulated for bonding dry, porous and acid surfaces, such as wood, paper .. More

General Purpose Instant Adhesive

This series of cyanoacrylate adhesive is available in different viscosity for you to choose from. They can be applied to various materials .. More

Rubber Toughened Instant Adhesive Black Glue

Rubber toughened series is formulated to improve the toughness of adhesive after cure. Rubber toughening agents are added in the formulation to .. More

Rubber Toughened Instant Adhesive Clear Glue

Rubber Toughened Series is designed for use in higher temperature and higher humidity environments. These rubber toughened high viscosity products can be .. More

Metal Bonding Instant Adhesive

Metal Bonding Series possess high strength when bonding metal materials or metal to rubber materials. They perform better as compared to traditional .. More

Wire Tacking & thermal Cycling Instant Adhesive

Series is suitable for industrial motors, automobile engine lids, waterproof strips, filters, heaters, ovens and horns. .. More

Surface Treatment Agent Series

MXBON 02770 is General pourpose surface treatment agent and surface modifier, suitable for non—activated surface materials and low energy materials. .. More