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Surface Insensitive Instant Adhesive


For materials that are difficult to bond

MXBON 21401, 21406, 21454

Surface Insensitive Series is a quick setting cyanoacrylate adhesive, specially formulated for bonding dry, porous and acid surfaces, such as wood, paper made products, PU foam, cork, rubber, and ceramics.

Difficult to bond materials are difficult to achieve good bonding performance without pre-treatment or using suitable grades. It is strongly recommended to check substrate to be bonded.

Two types of difficult to bond materials

  1. Surface insensitive and low energy surface such as PTFE, POM, EPDM, Silicone, electroplated material, Stainless steel, and aluminium-magnesium alloy.
  2. Porous materials, water absorption materials, acid surface materials such asleather, textile, wood and paper.

Surface insensitive series specially formulated for the assembly of difficult-tobond materials. It will highly polymerize with moisture in the air for a fast cure and meet the highest industrial standards

MXBON 21401 is a medium viscosity fast curing instant adhesive designed for the assembly of difficult-to-bond materials

  • Viscosity 80—120 cps
  • Transparent, fast setting
  • Excellent adhesion to metals, plastics and elasto-mers.
  • Especially for insensitive surface and low energy surface
  • suited to bonding porous materials such as wood, paper, leather and fabric.
  • Withstand temperature up to 120 °C
  • Bond PP and Silicone with the help of Mxbon primer

MXBON 21406 Penetration characteristics, low viscosity, withstands temperature up to 121°C fast curing cyanoacrylate adhesive ideal for bonding plastics and elastomeric materials

  • Viscosity 15 –40 cps
  • Rapid bonding of plastic & rubber, including EPDM
  • MXBON primer improves adhesion of difficult-tobond substrates like PP, Silicone etc.

MXBON 21454 is gel type instant adhesive withstand temperature up to 120 °C designed for vertical and porous surfaces application. The non– drip gel consistency enables overhead and vertical application.

  • Viscosity 15,000—20,000 cps
  • Transparent , fast setting
  • Suitable on vertical surfaces and gap filling up to 0.25 mm
  • Excellent adhesion to most substrates
  • High temperature resistant up to 120 °C.
Specification MXBON 21401 MXBON 21406 MXBON 21454
Viscosity 80-150 cps 15-40 cps 150000-200000 cps
Temp range -54~121 °C -54~121 °C -54~121 °C
Shelf life 18 months 18 months 18 months
Curing Speed 2 to 10 Sec 2 to 10 Sec 5 to 20 Sec