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Rubber Toughened Instant Adhesive Clear Glue



Rubber Toughened Series is designed for use in higher temperature and higher humidity environments. These rubber toughened high viscosity products can be used where flexibility and vibration resistance is needed. They are suitable for difficult to bond materials, such as thermal plastic and possess faster fixturing than epoxy resin, therefore it is easier for construction work

These are particularly used in a continual working application.

Mxbon® Impact Resistance Series does not contain solvent and can be use in demanding applications where exceptional performance characteristics are required. They include resistance to most types of environmental exposures, moderate heat, aging and many different chemicals, as well as high strength and fatigue resistance.

Mxbon® Impact Resistance Series is a single component system and does not require heat, mixing, clamps and the use of a catalyst. When a thin layer of Mxbon® is applied between two surfaces comes into contact with atmospheric moisture, a rapid polymerization occurs producing the ultimate bond strength. It is attractive not only technically but economically.

MXBON® 21411 Transparent, impact resistance, high viscosity, gap filling

  • Viscosity: 3,500-8,500 cps
  • Special formulation for porous materials
  • Enhances resistance to shock/vibration condition
  • Excellent impact and peeling strength and resist most of chemicals
  • Excellent adhesion to plastic, rubber, metal

Mxbon® 21435 Transparent, impact resistance, medium viscosity, withstand temperature up to 107°C

  • Viscosity: 100-250 cps
  • High temperature, high humidity resistant, high flexibility
  • Excellent impact resistant and peeling strength and resists most of chemicals
  • Excellent adhesion to plastic, rubber, metal
Specification MXBON 21411 MXBON 21435
Colour Clear Clear
Viscosity 3,500-8,500 cps 100-250 cps
Temp range -54 to 99°C -54 to 107°C
Shelf life 12 months 12 months
Curing Speed 15 to 30 Sec 10 to 25 Sec