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Metal Bonding Instant Adhesive


MXBON 23415, 23496, 23493

Metal Bonding Series possess high strength when bonding metal materials or metal to rubber materials. They perform better as compared to traditional Ethyl CA products.

It is formulated for general purpose as well as particularly suited to bonding of metal substrates. It will highly polymerize with moisture in the air for a fast cure and meet the highest industrial standards.

Mxbon metal series product does not contain solvent and use in demanding applications where exceptional performance characteristics are required. They include resistance to most types of environmental exposures, moderate heat, aging and many different chemicals, as well as high strength and fatigue resistance.

Mxbon metal series is a single component system and does not require heat, mixing, clamps and the use of a catalyst. When a thin layer of is applied between two surfaces comes into contact with atmospheric moisture, a rapid polymerization occurs producing the ultimate bond strength. It is attractive not only technically but economically.

Methyl cyanoacrylate is best if you need strength quickly for metal bonding

MXBON 23496 is a 100—200 cps low viscosity, transparent, methyl cyanoacrylate adhesive formulated for bonding metals. Metal to rubbers, also polyolefins with help of Primer

  • Low viscosity, fast setting
  • Formulated for metal bonding
  • Also bonds plastics, rubbers and polyolefins
  • 10 - 20 secs. fixture time


MXBON 23415 is 900-1500 cps high viscosity, methyl-based cyanoacrylate adhesive designed for metals to metal bonding and also can bond metals to rubbers and plastic.

  • Suitable for gap filling up to 0.2 mm
  • Suitable for rough and irregular surfaces
  • Excellent adhesion to plastic, rubber, metal
  • Ideal for bonding small to medium-size parts
  • Fixture time of 20 - 50 secs.
  • Solvent-free, High viscosity


MXBON 23493 is 1-5 cps very low viscosity, methyl-based cyanoacrylate adhesive having high substrate penetration properties designed for metals to metal bonding and also can bond metals to rubbers and plastic.

Special formulation for assembling of variety of materials with low viscosity

  • Gives very high strength
  • Fast setting low viscosity
  • Fixture time of 10 - 20 secs.
  • Solvent-free, low viscosity


Specification MXBON 23415 MXBON 23496 MXBON 23493
Viscosity 900-1500 cps 100-200 cps 1-5 cps
Temp range -54~82 -54~82 -54~82
Shelf life 18 months 18 months 18 months
Curing Speed 20 to 50 Sec 10 to 20 Sec 10 to 20 Sec