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Anaerobic Thread Locker Adhesive


MXLOC ® Thread Locker are single component, solvent free products that cure in the absence of air and in the presence of metal ions. MXLOC ® Thread locker lock studs, nuts, screws and any threaded fasteners. The adhesive prevents loosening caused by vibration, mechanical and thermal shock. MXLOC ® Thread Locker also resist gasoline, transmission fluid, anti freeze, and other chemicals. MXLOC ® Thread locker adhesive also inhibits fretting corrosion and prevents the seizure and galling. It can replace the traditional screws, gaskets or washers for it''s easily assembling process, better efficiency and it''s quality. MXLOC ® Thread Locker products are divided into high strength, medium strength and removable strength, different viscosity to choice and can applied to different size of screws

Item No Strength Usage Colour Viscosity(CPS) Cure Speed(min)
11222 LOW M 20 Below Removable Purple 1,200~1,500 15
11242 Medium M 20 Below Removable Blue 1,200~1,500 10~15
11243 Medium M 20 Below Removable Blue 1,200~3,000 10~15
11262 High M 20 Below Red 1,600~5,500 15
11271 Very High M25 Below Red 400~600 15
11272 High M36 Below Red 6,000~10,000 15~30
11277 High M36 Below Red 6,000~8,000 40
11290 Medium to High M2 - 12 Green 20~70 10~15
7649   Activator   2 0.5-1.2