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Anaerobic Pipe Sealant Adhesive


MXLOC ® Pipe Sealant is a single component, solvent free room temperature cure anaerobic adhesive. It is designed to maximize efficiency. It cures on metal substrates in the absence of oxygen. The MXLOC Pipe Sealants are designed for metal-metal bonds. which are resistant to shock and vibration. The result is a seal which is inert to hydrocarbons, most acids, solvent, steam. It replace traditional PTFE tapes and dopes.

NO. Usage Colour Viscosity(mPa.s/cP) Temperature Range °C NSF
13545 Hydraulic/Pneumatic Purple 9,000~20,000 -54°C~150°C
13542 Hydraulic/Pneumatic Brown 1,200~2,750 (Thixotropy) -54°C~150°C
13565 PST Thread Sealant White 175,000~525,000 -54°C~150°C
13567 PST Thread Sealant/High Temperature White 280,000~800,000 -54°C~200°C
13577 All Coarse Metal Thread Yellow 70,000~130,000 (Thixotropy) -54°C~150°C