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MXBON 101F Cyanoacrylate Adhesive

Mxbon 101F

Mxbon 101F is high performance, cyanoacrylate adhesive with fast setting and high flow ability and good penetration characteristics. It has been formulated to achieve the strongest possible bond for flex, cramic, wood etc. Once 101F is applied between two surfaces comes in contact with atmospheric moisture a rapid polymerization occurs providing the ultimate bond. Along with its quality it has an added feature, which gives fast bounding speed. This been a low viscous material ithelps to penetrate quickly on the surface and reduce the curing speed. This comes with a pin and a small nozzle for fine-tuning.


  • Based on ethyl cyanoacralate
  • Viscosity 2-5 cps
  • Available in 20 gm HDPP bottle
  • Fast curing
  • Good penetration
  • Safety pin helps to avoid clogging
  • Longer shelf life


Gives best bonding for flex , wood and leather