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About SAV Chemicals

SAV Chemicals Private limited is subsidiary company of Taiwan based Cartell Chemicals Co., Ltd. SAV chemical aims to provide a total Instant Adhesive Solution to Indian market for both consumer and Industrial segments. To supply the increasing demand of instant adhesives in India, SAV Chemicals offers a range of different grades and packaging. It is a solution for a product range from low viscosity to high viscosity for applications like rubber, metal, acrylic, wood, flex and so on. With the international quality and packing standards, SAV Chemicals MXBON branded products have the USPS' of Reusable, Quick and Strong Bonding, Higher Shelf Life and Competitive Prices. We are increasing our footprints to pan India and currently started work in major cities in India.


About Cartell Chemicals

Cartell Chemical has been founded in 1994, Cartell Chemical is one of the leading manufacturers of Instant Adhesive (Cyanoacrylate Adhesive). Cartell Chemical has been operated in Taiwan. Cartell Chemicals has been in the business of Cyanoacrylate & Anaerobic Adhesives for the past 20 years & is one of leading manufacturers of Cyanoacrylate and Anaerobic adhesive in Asia region with an excellent customer satisfaction. We own three important assets: technical know how, innovation, flexibility that distinguishes us from others. Cartell Chemical is a ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company. The research and development team dedicates themself in finding the adhesive solutions that include instant adhesive, anaerobic adhesive, UV curable adhesive, MS polymer adhesive. We pride ourselves in having well-trained staffs to provide you the latest package and high quality products. . Globally Cartell has the presence in over 200 countries with products range of over 400 varied products.


Milestones 2014 SAV Chemicals established in Pune India. Introduction of Product in the Retail sector in Pune region
1994 Cartell Chemical established in Taiwan
2008 Cartell UK established in UK.
Cartell group: Cartell Chemical Taiwan
Cartell Chemical UK
Cartell Chemical India
Cartell Chemical Thailand
Cartell Chemical USA