Q. What I can bond using MXBON?
Ans MXBON can bond variety of material like plastic (excluding Polyethylene, Polypropylene), all types of ceramic, rubber, metal, alloys, all types of wood,  leather, polycarbonate, foam, flex, fabric, etc.   Just you have to select proper product for your application. Visit our product page.
Q. What I can not bond using MXBON?
Ans MXBON can not bond Polyethylene, Polypropylene, silicon rubber, Teflon.
Q. What is unique about MXBON?
Ans MXBON is a high quality, accurate quantity, pure form of cyanoacryalate adhesive. It goes through many testing process under the observation of highly expertise peoples.  As a international brand we are not allow any malfunctioning and not compromise with quality and quantity. High strength, affordable pricing, innovation in packing, variety of adhesives are the uniqueness of the MXBON
Q. How to apply MXBON?
Ans. It is very easy to use MXBON for bonding your object. You have to clean the surface area which you want to bond. Apply small amount of glue on one object   and check whether the glue is available on the object. Put your other object on the glue area hold for some time. You are ready to use now.
Q. How much time I have to hold substrate?
Ans. Our different product has take different time to cure ( ranging from 2 sec to 10sec) so it is recommend to hold your object for 20 sec. for better result start using this after some hours for full bonding.
Q. How to keep MXBON after my use?
Ans. After your use you have clean the nozzle of the product by paper. This will remove all the glue on the nozzle. Then put the cap. Avoid the force to tight the cap let it tight by its adjustment.
Q. Where to keep product in my house?
Ans. You have to place it in cool and dry places. Try to avoid the places where product came in direct contact of sunlight, water, or wet area, dust, and keep in the places out of children’s reach.
Q. Do I need to mix something before bonding?
Ans. No. MXBON is single product thus you don’t need to add anything in it.
Q. What is to be done in case of mishaps or emergency in  using MXBON products
  i) If falls on skin
  Ans. Wash with water. It will become hard. Just remove by pile or other techniques.
  ii) If goes in eyes
  Ans. Do not panic, wash the eye by normal water once or twice. Do not rub the eye and do not close it. Consult with doctor for precaution of further problem
  iii) If bond my finger
  Ans. Don’t try to open fingers forcefully. Put your finger in warm water for 10 minutes it will release automatically or you can use acetone ( nail paint remover)
  iv) If stuck in my hair
  Ans. Wash your hair with water. Do not use the force for removing the glue. It will separate within 24 hours
  v) If spilled on expensive cloth
  Ans. Do not bend it. Use acetone and an old toothbrush, reapplying the acetone a number of times and brushing to remove it layer-by-layer. Work on outside and then on inside. This may not come off entirely. This might affect on the color of your cloth. So please check the effects before applying acetone on cloth.
  vi) If spills on laptop/mobile screen or spectacle glasses
  Ans. Soak a cotton cloth in acetone or nail paint remover, apply the cloth on effected area for 5 to 10 min. do not use excessive solvent.
  vii) If child swallows MXBON
  Ans. Ask the child to open his or her mouth. Check whether the glue sticks to the teeth, tongue? Don’t try to remove it. Give a plenty of water to child. It will automatically soften after some time.  MXBON is not poisonous. Please kept MXBON out of the reach of children.
Q. Are cyanoacryalate or their fumes toxic?
Ans. MXBON adhesives are not toxic.  The fumes from cyanoacrylate adhesives can vaporize and do irritate sensitive membranes like eyes, nose and throat. A small percentage of the population can become sensitized to cyanoacrylates/fumes after repeated exposure.