Our vision is to be global Adhesives expert in the industrial, manufacturing and consumer markets. We aim to create retail brand name “MXBON” worldwide and provide Superior value in the products and services to our Customer. SAV’s ultimate vision is to become a leader in technology and a globally competitive company with the strong support of in-house Research & Development setup. Our vision will always carry the image of Innovation, Quality, Super Packaging, Satisfaction, State of Art, Trust, Respect and Value for Money.


To be a sustainable company with deep customer insights and engaging relationships with all stakeholders To be the Key Player, Earning Customers' Delight through Constant Innovation, Embracing Best Technologies and offering world class services. We strive to develop smart adhesives with safer, efficient, flexible and responsive qualities to satisfy all our customers and wish to imbibe a culture of developing  “Stronger Bonds.”


Our corporate culture and our vision, mission and values unite our diverse workforce and provide standards for how we conduct our business. Around the world, our vision and values serve as a bond, enabling us to utilize the full potential of our internationality and diversity. Each of our actions shall always be intended to ensure best services to the customers, best job satisfaction of our employees, and highest admiration as corporate citizens.

Our core value:

  • Commitment to provide top performance in all our activities and being the best in everything we think and do.
  • Be focused on customer orientation, both in terms of quality and service.
  • Securing competitiveness through continuous product innovations, cost savings and improvements in efficiency.
  • Making constant improvements in the business and production processes.
  • Ensure open and honest communication of the corporate objectives and business strategies within the company.
  • Motivate employees with a high degree of self-identification and pride in their own company.
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